PAIN TREATMENT for knees, shoulders, ankles, hips, back, fingers, wrists & elbows
Are you suffering from joint or arthritis pain? Active Health Clinics has many services to help slow process of arthritis but if your pain exceeds a level of management, utilizing the powerful growth factors of your own blood may be a great option for you! With the help from these powerful injections your joints can have a higher potential to heal itself and get you out of pain. The injection helps the body to encourage potential regrowth of ligaments, tendons and collagen by promoting an increase in growth factors.

Our body was designed to heal. As we age, we heal slower and inflammation increases causing pain. Using an FDA approved technique of drawing your blood and utilizing properties in the blood, we can help you feel your best! This is a healing treatment and not a Band-Aid like other popular injections!

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Not Just for Arthritis… Do You Suffer from Chronic Pain?

Are you suffering from chronic pain? Any joint in the body can be considered for platelet injections!

Injectable Areas:

-Rotator Cuff Tears
-Labrum Tears
-Tennis & Golfer’s Elbows
-Carpal Tunnel & Wrist Pain
-Knee Meniscus Tears
-Knee Arthritis
-Ligament Tears / Injuries
-Ankle Sprains

All of these conditions have potential to be rejuvenated with these injections.

Ligament & Tendon Tear

When we injure our ligaments or tendons they do not heal as well as other things in our body. This is because the blood flow to them is less which results in slower healing time. Depending on the person, many of these injuries never completely heal. With the aid of your own blood, your body is stimulated to heal, and you can get out of pain forever. Dr. Josh Mason, and Dr. Zach Mason highly recommend these therapies to many of their patients of all ages!


“I had the PRP and Stem Cell treatment on a horribly arthritic and previously injured knee. I was at a point where the next logical step was pain killer shots for 20 years and then a replacement. This treatment at Active Health with Dr. Erica took all my pain away. Range of motion has been consistently returning over time, but I have no pain. This treatment took surgery off the table, which is amazing.”
-Kyle Korte.

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